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ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200
40Gb/s Ethernet (2-Port) to SAS Accelerated Storage Controller

ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200

ATTO Technology Products
ATTO XstreamCORE Storage Controllers
ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 Dual Channel 40Gb Ethernet to 4-port 12Gb SAS/SATA 1U Storage Controller
QSFP+, Rack Mount H/W and Dual Power Supplies Included
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ATTO XstreamCORE Storage Controllers are high-performance accelerated protocol conversion appliances which add shared storage benefits to SAS storage but at direct attached speeds. XstreamCORE provides remote access to SAS storage enabling storage owners to disaggregate storage from server hardware using JBOD, JBOF, RAID or Tape Storage. Use cases include mapping one or many individual drives to space limited rack or blade servers, remapping attached drives from failed servers to replacement servers, adding shared capabilities to direct attached storage and remotely locating direct attached disk or tape devices.

Optimized for high performance with multiple hardware acceleration engines, XstreamCORE provides industry-leading performance to up to 64 servers with less than 2 microseconds of added latency. XstreamCORE enables a common set of services and features and is engineered with an open design that does not alter the data path. ATTO Storage Controllers keep overall storage solutions flexible without locking users into proprietary hardware implementations. The ATTO Storage Controller is a modular building block with technology that allows SysAdmins to reduce resource load while decoupling storage from server resources.

The XstreamCORE ET 8200 achieves up to 1.2M 4K IOPS and 6.4GB/s throughput per controller with only 2 microseconds of added latency. XstreamCORE supports Extended Copy (LID1) data mover commands and will offload up to 5.2GB/s of data from CPU, memory, networks and storage fabrics leaving more resources for VMs and applications running on the host. Build solutions with up to 960 SAS SSD/HDD devices behind a pair of controllers and better manage, monitor and utilize this storage with current and future features built into XstreamCORE.

ATTO XstreamCORE Storage Controllers can be tuned for various applications that require common features and services for storage. Contact us to discuss development or co-development of services and features to tightly integrate with your solution. Embedded form factor is also available. (OEM only)

Technical Features

  • Connects two 40 GbE ports to four X4 12Gb mini-SAS connectors
  • Integrates with up to 960 devices* per controller
  • Individually map drives to a host or multiple drives to multiple hosts
  • Uses iSER (iSCSI extensions for RDMA) for deterministic latency over Ethernet
  • Adds less than two microseconds of latency
  • I/O Acceleration with ATTO xCORE technology featuring multiple hardware acceleration engines
  • eCORE virtualizes a common set of services and features
  • Patented Drive Map Director simplifies mapping and reduces maintenance costs for storage
  • ATTO Data Mover technology improves storage performance while reducing compute, memory and network utilization
  • ATTO control processing provides intelligence and features not found in direct attached technologies to add functionality for improved productivity
  • Management capable through RS-232, USB, Ethernet or in-band
  • Ability to run OEM IP on the controller

Extend The Reach of Storage From Servers

ATTO XstreamCORE storage controllers act as external adapters adding a common set of services and features to flash SSD and HDD based JBOD, JBOF or RAID storage and SAS tape devices. XstreamCORE then remotely shares this storage over long or short distances using high speed Ethernet technology. Use cases for these controllers include the remoting of storage from servers or other storage mediums over an Ethernet network, sharing a pool of high speed flash to multiple Ethernet connected systems, connecting data centers for business continuity via a stretch cluster and disaggregating storage from servers to independently scale compute and storage.

Extend The Reach of Storage From Servers

Engineered to Provide Deterministic Latency

Higher storage latency slows real-world performance, server based storage architectures depend on general purpose processors to transfer data, manage storage and add services and features to storage. When services and features are added, the CPU has to process each command in software which increases overall latency. XstreamCORE features a more efficient architecture that separates data traffic from services and features removing any non-data request from the data path to maintain a consistent level of latency and performance.

xCORE Hardware Data Acceleration Engine

ATTO developed the xCORE Acceleration Engine to handle the majority of I/O operations in a hardware processing pipeline without software intervention. xCORE manages all I/O, command routing and decoding, buffer allocation, reservations, access controls and provides real time data analytics. Any exception is off-ramped to the eCORE Control Engine to manage commands which do not require acceleration. ATTO xCORE technology enables the ATTO XstreamCORE to achieve up to 1.2M 4K IOPS or 6GB/s throughput per controller while adding a consistent sub two microseconds of latency.

eCORE Control Engine for Management and Storage Services

ATTO eCORE Control Engine technology provides un-accelerated command processing for management services, storage services and integration with third party IP. eCORE has full access to all on-chip resources to add common, open storage services, storage routing, diagnostics, one pane of glass interfacing and host mapping functions while managing all performance metric reporting and data mover functions. With direct access to hardware drivers, enclosure management I/O signals and busses, eCORE is an efficient tool that virtualizes services and features.

  • Provides common services such as multiinitiator access, data mover, reservations and vendor specific commands
  • Maintains priority for data transfers while providing management of memory and cooperative multi-tasking capabilities

xCORE Acceleration Technology

xCORE data acceleration technology features multiple parallel I/0 acceleration engines with end to end I/0 processing, hardware buffer allocation management and real-time performance and latency analytics.

  • Performance-critical commands and all reads/ writes are accelerated in hardware
  • End-to-end data protection in the acceleration technology and control functions to safeguard data throughout the controller and also enables max login management capabilities
  • Eliminates bottlenecks with parallel processing for up to a 10X performance improvement over standard protocol conversion
  • Maximizes large block transfer sizes from Ethernet to SAS/SATA devices for optimal streaming performance (GB/s)

OEM Customization

  • Hardware configuration options allow for unique board ID to define initialization and characteristics of the OEM product
  • eCORE capabilities can be extended with ATTO OEM integration programs to take advantage of available XstreamCORE ARM processing cores and a Linux based operating system to add OEM IP for unique features impact latency or performance

Data Routing Fabric Topology

  • Incorporates advanced ASIC, firmware and interface technologies that enable users to fine tune ATTO controllers for specific applications
  • ATTO Embedded Operating System (AEOS) provides an integrated, multitasking environment that self optimizes to changing I/O patterns for maximum performance while maintaining priority for data transfers
  • Standard READ BUFFER commands allow the collection of inquiry data, event logs, port statistics, phy statistics, SFP and SAS connector information, trace log, core dump, configuration and status information
  • WRITE BUFFER commands are also supported to update controller firmware, clear the event log, clear port and phy statistics and to also write a message to the event log


Designed for Increased Flexibility

ATTO XstreamCORE is a solid state appliance that connects SAS SSD and Hard Drive solutions using standard JBODs, JBOFs or RAID arrays to Ethernet or Fibre Channel networks. Attach up to 960 total drives to multiple servers and assign drives on a drive by drive basis to one or many servers.

Simplified Management

Manage storage through in-band or out-of-band methods for flexibility and integration with most server-side software plus features such as ATTO Drive Map Director™ provide reliable, static storage configurations ensuring that operating costs are kept low and complexity is not a part of the solution.

Simplified Management

Build a Cost Effective Infrastructure

Build a Cost Effective Infrastructure

ATTO XstreamCORE integrates with commodity level storage and allows you to only pay for storage as it’s needed. XstreamCORE disaggregates storage from compute resources so you are not forced to add the expense of more servers and more software licensing costs when you only need to increase capacity or add flash storage. With a performance footprint that drives full racks of storage, it doesn’t take long before you become a hero for saving significant budget dollars.

Solve Blade Server Storage Limitation IssuesA workflow for every infrastructure

ATTO XstreamCORE provides flexibility for your existing storage and networking infrastructure and supports various use cases.

Solve Blade Server Storage Limitation Issues

Add storage to space limited blade servers – XstreamCORE features mapping technology that allows IT administrators to assign individual or multiple drives to a single server or multiple servers. The flexibility provided by XstreamCORE allows the mapping and assignment of up to 960 commodity drives without the cost of expensive all flash array storage or Enterprise storage licensing.

Get longer life out of existing SAS Direct Attached Storage
Get longer life out of existing SAS Direct Attached Storage

When you have isolated SAS storage silos, XstreamCORE connects this stranded storage to shared Ethernet or Fibre Channel SANs allowing greater flexibility and usefulness. Even if there is no SAN installed the benefits that XstreamCORE will add are enormous including the ability to increase the speed at which live migration of virtual machines take between physical server hosts.

Disaggregate your storage
Disaggregate your storage

As compute and storage have worked together, limitations with expansion have been exposed. XstreamCORE enables adding storage without adding compute, meaning you can add as much storage as you want without purchasing a storage solution or licensing cost for something that is not needed. One key use case is the ability to add SSDs as cache and assign them to individual servers, even remapping a connected drive to a new physical server in the event of a server hardware failure.

Business Continuity vendors choose ATTO

Business Continuity vendors choose ATTO

ATTO provides the hardware to convert SAS to Fibre Channel in industry leading stretch cluster solutions from NetApp, Nexenta and Open-E. With proven technology to connect up to 960 SAS drives to a Fibre Channel network, building a solution across campus or across a metropolitan area is easy with XstreamCORE.

Add Ethernet or Fibre Channel connectivity to SAS Tape
Add Ethernet or Fibre Channel connectivity to SAS Tape

Tape has been a reliable medium for archive and project sharing with technologies like LTFS. XstreamCORE can add shared, long-distance connectivity to tape libraries and standalone drives working exclusively with streaming tape or using tape to complement connected SSD and HDD storage.


Move Data. Faster.Move Data. Faster.

ATTO XstreamCORE pushes the limits on performance, its design was meant to feed multiple servers a consistent stream of data from SSD flash storage. Leveraging hardware acceleration for normal data transfers, XstreamCORE also has the ability to offload read and write traffic from the server CPU, storage fabric and network resources using standard XCOPY commands.

High Performance. Minimal Latency.

ATTO XstreamCORE architecture was designed to push the envelope on performance. ATTO xCORE technology enables the XstreamCORE to achieve up to 1.2M 4K IOPS or 6.4GB/s throughput per controller when attached to commodity SAS storage or RAID arrays. The amount of latency added is extremely lower than server based solutions that convert SAS to other protocols as servers were not designed to efficiently translate between protocols.

High Performance. Minimal Latency.

Use Case:

  • XstreamCORE enables several different use cases to off-load host CPU and memory resources and storage fabric and network bandwidth from data moving responsibilities, XstreamCORE can offload up to 5.2GB/s of data from CPU and network infrastructures. This can integrate with tiering software so the Storage Controller handles the movement of data from tier to tier.
  • ATTO Storage Controllers enable long distance connectivity for business continuity solutions such as a stretch cluster, campus cluster or metropolitan cluster. Write data synchronously or asynchronously at multiple sites to avoid downtime, disaster or being out of touch with your data.
  • Operating systems automatically leverage hardware data mover functionality featured in the ATTO Storage Controller. XstreamCORE is certified with VMware vSphere and VAAI to offload data movement between storage. ATTO Storage Controllers is also the only product that enables XCOPY data movement between RAID Arrays from any manufacturer.
  • XstreamCORE lets storage architects convert direct attached storage to shared storage while maintaining data without data migration. This can turn existing direct attached RAID Arrays into shared storage to improve completion time of live migrations such as VMware vMotion from hours down to minutes.
  • XstreamCORE lets organizations repurpose existing storage and keep using it on a SAN when they replace existing storage.
  • XstreamCORE can be used to share SSDs as cache with application that allow SysAdmins to assign cache. Use 16Gb Fibre Channel to share a pool of SSDs across multiple servers without requiring multiple shelves of SSD per server.
  • XstreamCORE Storage Controllers are also available in embeddable form factors that can be integrated with storage enclosures, servers or appliances to round out a solution set.


ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200
Input Connectors (2) 40Gb Ethernet
Output Connectors (4) 12Gb mini-SAS HD (x4)
Architecture Latency < 2 microseconds
SAS/SATA disks supported Up to 960 per controller*
Tape Drive Support Yes
Optical Drive Support Yes
Memory Type ECC
Form Factor 1U rackmount
Power Supplies Two / Hot Swap
Ethernet Connections
  • Two 40Gb optical Ethernet connectors
  • Supports iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER)
  • DHCP, IPv4 and IPv6
Ethernet Specifications IEEE 802.3ba, 802.3ae, 8023az, 802.3ap, 802.1Q, 802.1p, 802.1Qau, 802.1Qaz, 802.1Qbb, 802.1Qbq
SAS Connections
  • Four 12Gb x4 mini-SAS HD connectors
  • Auto negotiates to 12Gb/6Gb/3Gb
  • Supports SAS and SATA devices
SAS Specificatons SAS-1.1, SAS-2, SAS-3
Management Tools
  • Web based XstreamVIEW system manager
  • Local diagnostics supported via Command Line Interface (CLI) via RS-232 and Ethernet
  • Monitor SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) information provided by attached enclosures
  • Persistent Event Log gathers at least 40,000 hardware, software and network events
  • Dual firmware image support for protection from firmware update failures
  • Performance and temperature monitoring
  • Data Mover copy manager and performance metrics
  • Identify LUN by flashing device LEDs
  • Core dump error analysis
  • SNMP, SNTP, Telnet, FTP, iCMP
  • Height 1.735” - Length 9.90” -Width 17.31”
  • Weight 9.7 pounds (unboxed) 12.9 pounds (boxed)
Controller Operation (Expected)
  • Temperature S to 40° at 10,000 feet
  • Humidity 10 to 90% non-condensing
Controller Storage
  • Temperature -40°to 70°C
  • Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Power and Airflow
  • Input 100-240 VAC, 1.0A 50-60 Hz
  • 11 CFM (Ambient Air not to exceed 40° C)
  • Front to rear cooling
Agency Approvals and Compliance
  • Safety:
    • 60950, BSMI, cTUVus
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):
    • FCC Part 15 Class A, CE
    • RoHS Compliant 2011 /65/EU
    • Battery-free design
Warranty Two-year standard product warranty

*For qualified customers
**Tape Support Q1 2018


ATTO Technology FibreBridge Fibre Channel Bridges

ATTO offers the widest selection of bridge products in the industry allowing our customers to match a product to their performance needs. Available in rackmount, desktop and embedded form-factors, the ATTO FibreBridge Family is an award-winning line of solutions.


Download the ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

ATTO Technology Products
ATTO XstreamCORE Storage Controllers
ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 Dual Channel 40Gb Ethernet to 4-port 12Gb SAS/SATA 1U Storage Controller
QSFP+, Rack Mount H/W and Dual Power Supplies Included
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