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Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Simplify, Scale and Streamline High End Digital Media Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an integral part of operations for the media industry to provide better protection of assets and help meet deadlines. It is a tool that can be used to turn content into revenue by organizing the creation, distribution and archiving of rich media assets. It is also an essential part of creating, editing and monetizing content. Robust DAM solutions typically require high-bandwidth networking infrastructures to increase flexibility of the workflow. Professionals who can identify with these issues understand the importance of selecting the right products when architecting their DAM.

ATTO Technology specializes in high-throughput storage and network connectivity products that allow frequently updated assets to be shared in real time within the Digital Asset Management workflow. ATTO ensures all products are fully compatible and support all leading storage vendors. Because of our expertise in streaming data and high IOP environments, ATTO has the unique ability to link production and workgroups directly to enterprise storage, while meeting the throughput and low-latency requirements of content creation and editing. We integrate more seamlessly than our competitors who lack the technology to connect the whole DAM enterprise infrastructure.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)